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Events Calendar

In addition to its own meetings and events, this website will maintain a running schedule of the meetings and events of those organizations -- public agencies, associations, businesses and MUD’s/private utilities – that bear on the LCCN’s mission. If you believe we have overlooked an organization’s events, please email – Contact LCCN -- Be sure to provide us with your contact information together with the facts we need to follow up with the organization you cite to us.

Save the Date

may 1st eventMay 1st -- LCCN Forum: 2014 Property Assessments

The next LCCN Public Forum is now scheduled for May 1, 2014 from 6:30 pm to 8 pm and will feature:

Mr. Mark Castleschouldt
Chief Appraiser/Administrator
Montgomery County Central Appraisal District.

The agenda will consist of formal remarks by the speaker followed by Q/A from those in attendance.

You do not have to be a member of LCCN to attend. This public event will be held at the Walden Yacht Club. Details are provided in the downloadable flyer here. You are welcome to download and share this flyer with others interested in attending.

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (Susan Combs) issued the following 2014 document for taxpayer use in understanding the processes involved and the making of preparations for the receipt, evaluation, protest and appeal of 2014 property appraisals and taxes:

“Property Tax Basics: Texas Property Tax”, January 2014

It provides an excellent backdrop for anyone planning on attending the LCCN’s May 1st Forum.

may 15th eventMay 15th -- LCCN Leadership Council Meeting

The LCCN Board of Directors holds its first ever meeting with the members of its Leadership Council on May 8th from 6:30 to 9 pm. This board consists of the leaders of all the organizations across the Greater Lake Conroe Region that are either already dues paying members or have completed their application forms and are in the process of their due diligence at home.

Details are provided here as a downloadable pdf file. LCCN is hosting this event. Seating is by reservation only and is limited to organization-designated leaders. RSVP here. Federal, state, county and local officials will be invited to attend, meet, mingle and share dinner with region organizational leaders and then observe our business meeting.

may 20th eventMay 20th -- LCCN Runoff Candidates Forum

LCCN will conduct its second Candidates Forum of the year at 7 pm on May 20, 2014 at the Walden Yacht Club. The two remaining candidates for State Representative for District 16 and for County Judge respectively have been invited to speak and take questions from the audience. Details are provided in the downloadable flyer here. You are welcome to download and share this flyer with others interested in attending.

LCCN Meetings

Public Meetings

LCCN conducts public meetings monthly:

Educational Meetings/Presentations

LCCN management and volunteer teams stand ready to make presentations to constituent groups throughout the GLCR. LCCN can help to educate groups, solicit input and opinions and engage people in a dialog about the state of water resource management and various advocacy positions that LCCN is championing on behalf of its constituents. Contact LCCN’s President, Terry Bowie, for arrangements.

Public Forums

The LCCN generally conducts four public forums each year. They are usually held at the Walden Yacht Club Conference Center. Announcements are made by email blast and various news media outlets well in advance of each event.

Leadership Council Meetings

LCCN Directors and Officers meet twice a year with the Leadership Council of member organization leaders to inform them of developments, conduct discussions and gain consensus on advocacy positions to be carried forward by LCCN.

The format for these meetings is deliberately designed for a combination of interaction among community leaders and then the conduct of important business. They are conducted on a Thursday evening and consist of a social hour followed by a sit down dinner and then by the formal meeting. LCCN sponsors the meals and the venue and is committed to ending the evening sharply at 9 pm. LCCN believes this format provides an excellent networking opportunity for leaders of the many organizations that comprise the Greater Lake Conroe Region – a group that so far has had no reliable or consistent forum through which to have the kind of interaction that is critical regional development.

Interactions with Region’s Elected Officials

LCCN has the support of, and meets informally with, all in elected office on an as-needed basis with with responsibilities to Montgomery County and its Greater Lake Conroe Region. But LCCN Directors and Officers also seek to formalize meeting processes at least twice a year to exchange information and get thoughts and reactions on water resource management matters affecting LCCN’s advocacy developments and plans.

Taskforce Working Meetings

LCCN experts and volunteers conduct numerous meetings throughout the year surrounding individual Taskforce efforts. Once the next generation interactive website is complete, individual website communities of interest focused on these Taskforces will provide a means for community notification and participation in working meetings and the production and access to work product. For information about, and invitations to, those meetings contact LCCN.

GLCR Organization Meetings/Events Calendar

Under development.

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