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email community news and updatesThe first effective step to getting involved is simply to get on our mailing list so we can inform you through email of developments, meetings, forums and news.

For those who want to take the next step and join LCCN, we know that it takes time for organizations to process decisions on membership and the payment of dues. Boards only meet monthly or even quarterly and if it is not in the budget full action may have to wait for next year’s budget. We don’t want your involvement to wait for such processes. We welcome the risk that you ultimately cannot get your organization to commit to membership. In the meantime….. lccn membership application process

We welcome your participation now while your organization goes through its due process.

START the Application Process NOW

PARTICIPATE in LCCN affairs while your organization goes
through its due diligence

REGISTER your leader for the 1st Leadership Council Board
Meeting (May 8th)

Who you/he/she meets and what you/he/she learns during this interim time will help resolve questions your organization may have as it works through its due diligence.

Who Should Join

NOTE: if you click on any of the links below for online application forms and they do not open, your system is set to BLOCK POP-UP windows. Change your browser setting to allow pop-ups at least for the LCCN website. Most browsers post a message when blocking occurs that include an option to allow pop-ups for a website. If yours does, just use that to approve pop-ups.

For those who simply seek to learn and be informed of developments, joining our mailing list may be enough. For those seeking to support LCCN’s efforts and to participate in LCCN’s positioning and championing efforts, the further step of membership is recommended. LCCN welcomes membership in many forms – from organizations to individuals – and costs are nominal:

Benefits of Membership

There are numerous benefits to joining LCCN. Among them are:

 Membership Fees and Online Application Forms

Fees are nominal and meant only to support the most basic functions of the LCCN. Funds for larger LCCN efforts and special projects are raised as needed through philanthropy, donations and fundraising campaigns rather than drawn from membership fees.

Below are 2014 membership rates and online application forms. You will be invoiced upon your completion and submission of your appropriate online application form:

You will be invoiced based upon the information you provide.

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