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lake conroe communities network

LCCN Organization

Current Officers/Directors

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Officers are elected annually in staggered fashion to serve 3 year terms All officer positions carry simultaneous appointments as Directors and serve as voting members of the LCCN Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving as an Officer/Director, CONTACT LCCN.

scott sustman, secretary lccnLCCN President / Treasurer

Scott spent his professional career in actuarial and human resource management, first with major national firms and then in his own business. In retirement he has been active in POA governance (boards) and in POA operations management as the General Manager of Walden, the largest community on the lake. Read full bio.

mike castleberry, vice president lccnLCCN Vice President

Mike spent his professional career with Amoco/BP where he held exploration and production management positions from petroleum engineering to district manager and finally operations manager for BP’s largest offshore gas production operations in the North Sea. In retirement, he has been very active in POA management, civic associations and his church. Read full bio.

gary north, annexation lccnLCCN Secretary
GARY NORTH, April Sound

Gary spent his professional career in senior management positions in Aerospace manufacturing and distribution. Throughout his career and in retirement, he has been very active in city governance, water utilities management, and POA management. Read full bio.

Additional Directors

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The following will be augmented shortly with photos and brief bios. Each director is assigned a specific focus they are to manage.

gary milleson, chamber of commerce and businessDirector and Leader for Chamber, Local Business
Gary Milleson, Snug Harbor

Gary spent his professional career in executive management and entrepreneurial developments in the retail and business financial services sector. Throughout his professional career and in retirement, he has been very active in a range of local charitable and civic associations and POA management. Read full bio.

bruce sellers, director and leader for economic developmentDirector and Lead for Economic Development
Bruce Sellers, Bentwater

Bruce spent the bulk of his professional career as a sales and marketing executive in the entrepreneurial world of market-shaping cable & Internet commerce businesses including PRISM (today Comcast Regional Sports Network) QVC, America’s Health Network (today known as Discovery Health Channel) and He then settled in the Bentwater community on Lake Conroe where he launched a residential real estate business and is now the principal of the Monshaugen & Sellers Realty Group which is a perennial top producer in Montgomery County. Bruce is also quite active in local civic affairs and serves on the Bentwater POA Advisory Board. Read full bio.

bill marshall, leader of forums lccnDirector and Leader for Events Management

Bill began in Congressional politics as an aid for Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson before a professional career in the investigative side of property and casualty insurance on both a national and local level. Throughout his professional career and in retirement he has been active in civic associations, youth programming, POA management and church. Read full bio.

don carter, key relationships, lccnDirector and Leader for Key Relationships

Don spent his entire professional career in the financial services industry as a member of a team that built the fourth largest financial services firm in the U.S.. Throughout his career and into retirement, he has been very active in civic and charitable organizations, youth development and the healthy economic development of Montgomery County. Read full bio.

dan davis, director for technical, lccnDirector and Leader for Technical

DDan had a successful career as a practicing engineer, as an entrepreneur and manager, and as an analyst and mover of public policy in a diverse array of settings. In retirement, he has been a very active leader in water utility management, emergency response management, and a range of water resource management issues including conservation. Read full bio.

Support Work

Support work includes but is not limited to the following:

Contact LCCN Management

If you are interested in becoming involved with any of these support functions, Contact LCCN.


LCCN Taskforces

LCCN is currently working to develop the at least the following taskforce efforts (others where there is consensus and support in the community for the development, management and maintenance of the effort):

If you are interested in joining any of these taskforces, Contact LCCN.

The intent is to establish a Community of Interest section of the LCCN’s next generation website for each of these taskforces. These Taskforce Website sections will be real time and interactive, supporting membership in a community, ability to contribute content to what should become the go-to site for all such content historical and current, and various forms of dialog among community members.

Working Relationships: Businesses, Associations, Elected Officials

LCCN networks with elected officials and their staffs at every level of that is involved with governance of the Greater Lake Conroe Region:

Working Relationships with Water Producers and Agencies

LCCN works closely with the leaders and staff of all of the water producing organizations in the county, including:

LCCN networks with the leadership and their staffs of the major organizations chartered to perform various aspects of the planning and management of water resources. These include:

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